MagnaMedia is our award winning magnetic receptive print media, which comes in over 20 different finishes, including economy options, veneers, fabric, dry erase and more.

MagnaMedia products are designed to be fail-proof. meaning they will NEVER: bubble, lift / curl at the edges, tunnel, wrinkle, or falter in any way as time passes after installation. Many other inferior magnetic-receptive brands cannot make these claims.
MagnaMedia®, first introduced to the market in 2007, is the original brand of magnetic receptive print media and has since achieved the status of industry standard as a staple product-line for in-store graphic campaigns.
All MagnaMedia products are 100% PVC Free and made in the USA.

InvisiLock is our line of patented flexible magnet, that acts as a backer for MagnaMedia. InvisiLock magnet products are specially engineered for optimized strength, lay-flat graphic ‘magnetic adhesion’ and InvisiLock *fixture capabilities.

We also sell an adhesive version of our InvisiLock magnet that can be used for direct application to fixtures or furniture, but is not recommend for use on walls.
*For info on custom InvisiLock fixtures such as display shelves, shadow boxes or 3D lettering please contact us directly at

ActiveWall: a high strength, commercial grade magnetic receptive Micro-Iron® based primer for wall surfaces.

These three components are layered on a wall or graphic surface, and the alternating combination of magnetic and magnetic-receptive materials transforms walls and fixtures without nails or glue. Frames, shelves and fixtures backed with InvisiLock can also be locked onto surfaces outfitted with the VM-Graphic System. All of our materials are 100% PVC-free, and our MagnaMedia portfolio includes many substrates made from 100% natural or post-consumer bases.