Direct Sales Channel Network

VM-Graphic Systems™ is a manufacturer that sells products worldwide. For retail and point-of-purchase graphics, our products can be purchased through one of our certified sales channels.

If you experience any difficulties locating stock of any of our products, please contact us at

United States

DRYTAC Corporation
5601 Eastport Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23231
(800) 280-6013 Toll Free
Drytac, Los Angeles (562) 921-0450

Hasco Graphics
23070 Miles Road
Cleveland, OH 44128
(216) 662-7474

Sonoma Graphic Products
961 Stockton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
(800) 250-4252 Toll Free
Sonoma Graphics, Seattle Area (206) 235-4191
Sonoma Graphics, Portland, OR (503) 317-6759

For sales inquiries in countries not
listed below please contact us directly


ND Graphics
55 Interchange Way, Unit 1
Concord, ON L4K 5W3
(888) 634-7274 Toll Free


Visual Magnetics

Grottini Communications

Entevor AB

Frischknecht AG

Asia Pacific

Graphic Direction Pte. Ltd.

For More Information

Visual Magnetics Limited Partnership
1 Emerson Street
Mendon, MA 01756
Toll Free 855-VISMAG4 (855 847 6244)
P 508 381 2400
F 508 381 2401