Green Values

Visual Magnetics’ products are 100% PVC-free. PVC contains human carcinogens that when manufactured or incinerated releases harmful dioxins into the environment. Our products have always been PVC- free, because we believe in reducing our impact on the environment.

Our Digital Fabrics line is eco-friendly, sustainable and made from 100% post-consumer or natural-based materials such as jute. VM-LUNA 14™ — our award winning print media — has a 100% post consumer recycled base, making it one of our most sustainable materials. It also won a 2015 ADEX Award.

All MagnaMedia materials can be recycled through our Recycling Program instead of being discarded in a landfill. This means that in addition to preventing graphics from ending up in the landfill, program users also ensuring their print materials are recycled back into steel and energy production.