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Printer Compatibility

Visual Magnetics line of MagnaMedia printable substrates offer a wide range of compatibility with the industry's leading devices and technologies. Use the chart below to find the best match for your specific needs. 


Several of our products are Certified for HP Latex Inks.

Compatibility Key         = VM certified best results         = Profile dependent         = Not compatible         = HP Certified for Latex Inks

Films Key Feature Base Nominal
Screen Litho /
Flexo Latex Solvent
UV-Cured Digital /
Ink Jet
VM-POLYsatin™ Excellent solvent printer performance polypropylene 11-mil satin
VM-POLYmatte® Universal compatibility polypropylene 12-mil matte
VM-POLYeight® Offers excellent heat resistance polyester 12-mil satin
VM-POLYeightPLUS™ Bright white, excellent heat stability polyester 13-mil satin
VM-POLYfive™ Optimum solution for layering graphics polyester 9-mil satin
VM-POLYeight® UV Offering excellent photo quality on UV printers polyester 12-mil gloss
VM-SYNpaper® Economical, bright white, durable print surface synthetic paper 12-mil satin
VM-POLYEDGE™ULS High Value, bright white, cross platform polyester 7.1-mil matte
VM-POLYEDGE™UV Highest Value, heavyweight, PVC free polypropylene 11-mil matte
VM-Harvest™ 32 Jute burlap with latex fabric jute 32-mil matte
VM-CHALKboard™ Available in custom colors polypropylene 13-mil semi-matte latex
Printable Magnet
VM-PrintableMagnet® -15SPM White, printable, standard-energy magnet Polypropylene / magnet laminate 15-mil Satin

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