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Visual Magnetics Preferred Installers

Preferred Installers are typically individuals who perform all types of graphic installations and are classified as experts on the installation of the Visual Magnetics Graphics System®.

Preferred Installers must successfully complete the Visual Magnetics Preferred Installer test, a rigorous, one day hands-on and written test which includes demonstrating knowledge and/or skill for the following applications: Mural layout, ActiveWall® magnetic-receptive primer, Invisilock® magnetic sheeting, MagnaMedia® handling and installation, cutting/fitting full wall murals.

Although Preferred Installers are listed by certification date and home office location, many offer services outside of their listed regions.

Visual Magnetics Preferred Installers

Glen Sturgeon, Installation Solutions Inc (ISI)  Champlin, MN, USA since February 2013

Tom PasqualeInstallation Solutions Inc (ISI)  Champlin, MN, USA since February 2013

Tim Chaffee, Installation Solutions Inc (ISI)  Champlin, MN, USA since February 2013

David Hunt, Arectec, LLC  Daytona Beach FL, USA since February 2014

Rafe Hershfield, Sir Speedy Inc.  Boston, MA, USA since February 2014

Muchait Firat, Sir Speedy Inc.  Boston, MA, USA since February 2014

Bob Kaszanek, Webster One Source  Hanson, MA, USA since June 2014

Roger Greenwood, ICL Imaging  Framingham, MA, USA since June 2014

Bradley Gaumond, Kirkwood Digital  Woburn, MA, USA  since June 2014

Tamir Luria, Grand Image Inc.  Hudson, MA, USA since June 2014

Anthony ClaytonBlue Bird Solutions  Woburn, MA, USA since June 2015

Jason Langway, C Langway and Sons  Millbury, MA, USA since June 2015

Steve Reininger, New Image Technologies  South Elgin, IL, USA since June 2015

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