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Digital Art Exhibition Made with Visual Magnetics  SEPT 2016

A variety of the Visual Magnetics materials were used to create the interactive artworks on view during the Art Baby Girl-curated,  “I Play No Games”.

For the duration of the show, the walls at Holyrad Studio, which are already activated with Visual Magnetics materials, got a vibrant new skin. The space transformed from a utilitarian, collaborative studio with dry-erase magnetic wall coverings, into a gallery where the walls become an interactive medium for the artwork itself.

With Visual Magnetics integrated into the design of Holyrad Studio, the space is able transcend the capabilities of a traditional white-wall gallery. 

Past Visual Magnetics collaborations include interactive installations with fine artists across disciplines – world-renowned graphic designers, Antoine + Manuel, Instagram influencer @PlantsOnPink, and Brooklyn-based textile designer Dusen Dusen.

At its core, Visual Magnetics fosters a freedom of thought and playfulness in the design process that lends itself to shifting the way in which we can relate to walls, and spaces in general.

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