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Day’s Jewelers Elevates Luxury Jewelry in Stores with Changeable Graphics by Visual Magnetics

Day’s Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store, with locations in Maine and New Hampshire. For the visual merchandising at the company’s new 5,400 sq. ft. Topsham location, Day’s Jewelers wanted graphics that were changeable, could easily be stored in a library-style catalog, and would gracefully promote the high-end jewelry brands and products they sell. The newest location is nearly four times larger than the average U.S. jewelry store, with store design that celebrates the Maine coast via a nautical theme. 

Printed and installed by Kirkwood Printing, the new store features beautiful changeable imagery printed on Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia collection of magnetic receptive media. Graphics are used tastefully and elegantly to promote luxury jewelry brands and products in-store, giving more flexibility to marketing programs. 

Day’s Jewelers has also installed Visual Magnetics’ graphics in four other store locations, enabling them to send promotional imagery from store-to-store as needed for campaigns, since prints can be easily removed, shipped, stored and reinstalled. 

“So far, we’ve converted five out of our six stores to Visual Magnetics’ graphics. Over the next year, we will be continuing to integrate VM into our final store,” says Hannah Sherwood, Visual Coordinator at Day’s Jewelers.

“We liked how Visual Magnetics empowered us to create a dynamic in-store experience that can be effortlessly updated. We have created a library of printed images that allows us to take them off the wall and ship to other stores to freshen up the look of the interior of our stores. It just rolls off and rolls on! The graphics are low profile, flush with the wall, and high quality with great print results. Visual Magnetics allows us to transform our stores easily without hanging frames or using nails.”

The new Topsham Day’s Jewelers location also features an interactive kids waiting area using Visual Magnetics’ materials – fun sea life cut outs can be taken off the wall, moved around, and dressed in pieces of jewelry by children visiting the store.

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