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Rolling Out the Retail Design Collective

Creating Value for Retailers at RDC New York City

Visual Magnetics created an exciting interactive display at the Association for Retail Environments’ (A.R.E.) Retail Design Collective, an annual event which provides retailers with an opportunity to see the highest quality gathering of visual and design resources, displayed with the depth and creativity only possible in a showroom event such as this.

“We’re very excited to bring our Visual Magnetics Graphic System to one of the most prestigious retail events in New York City and we are confident we’ll be able to show its esteemed audience something truly innovative,” said Joe Deetz, CEO of Visual Magnetics. “We’ve created an environment similar to what you’d see on the floor of an upscale women’s boutique which will serve as an open canvas for visitors to explore the many applications of our media on all different surfaces and fixtures.” 

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