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The power to change what's in-store.® 

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System® matches magnetic-receptive technologies with the highest quality print media—empowering brands to create dynamic in-store experiences that can be effortlessly updated.

The System Components are:

ActiveWall® Micro-Iron® latex primer may be painted on a wall or surface for the most dynamic variation of the graphic system, allowing for a complete wall graphic, in-store experience.


InvisiLock® high performance magnet is custom engineered for optimized strength and adapts to almost any surface. In addition to the adhesive option, InvisiLock® is available in non-adhesive for use with ActiveWall® primer.


MagnaMedia® Micro-Iron® print media deliver photo-quality graphics that lay flat, adapt to any surface and can be easily updated. MagnaMedia® works on all printing platforms, can be rolled-out by in-store personnel and lowers installation and shipping costs.


Visual Magnetics has taken an important ecological step by reducing our carbon footprint in our manufacturing process, offering print media made from post-consumer material and by converting retired graphics made from Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia® into reusable metal and electricity.